Loss Prevention Systems for Retail Stores And Warehouses


Nowadays, the retail business is witnessing a new era in this technological age. Moreover, along with new styles of earning profits, the thefts are also not old-fashioned. Hence, to go over the intelligent frauds, you have to be smart enough. The retail loss prevention techniques will help you to succeed in this attempt. These are a set of modern methods to cut short the probable loss in your business. The anti-theft products also play a vital role in this respect. We devise some excellent models and procedures to prevent your business from suffering considerable loss. Preservation of profits is the ultimate goal for any business person. Therefore, he or she must analyze the market first to understand the current scenario.

The Loss Prevention Techniques for Retail Stores And Warehouses

Overhead Loss Prevention Systems
Overhead Loss Prevention Systems

Now get to know about the kinds of the frauds in retail shops. There are different kinds of thefts that you must be aware of. These are;- Internal Theft, External Theft, Administrative Errors, Supplier Frauds. Moreover, these types are typical for the warehouses too. Therefore, the loss prevention methods applicable for the retail stores will hold good for warehouses too. Thus, if you store the excess stock in the warehouse, be very cautious about the frauds.
Internal Theft refers to shoplifting involving shrinkages in the products without much notice of the owner. Generally, the internal employees have links with these kinds of thefts. Some examples include fake return claims, fake gift cards, and many more. On the other hand, External Theft comprises more than 36% of the entire shoplifting. Stealing some items and returning them for more cash is one of the popular schemes in this regard. Another way is purchasing more merchandise by counterfeiting.

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Overview Of Loss Prevention

EAS loss prevention
EAS loss prevention

No human is perfect. Therefore, businesses will be susceptible to more administrative errors if record-keeping is mainly manual. Moreover, the book-keeper should have a sound knowledge of accounting techniques and principles. An incompetent person tends to make more errors resulting in a huge loss in the end. You should have proper control measures to stop thefts from both internal and external sides. However, you must not forget the manufacturers and the suppliers. Although it is not very common, it’s not impossible either. Therefore, your strategies to prevent loss should also focus on them and try to figure out the weak point. Analyzing the same will make you more attentive. New ideas can come across your mind to stop recurrences of such incidents. Now get to know about the products to prevent loss.

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Key Benefits Of Loss Prevention

loss prevention anti-theft system
loss prevention anti-theft system

Deployment of the correct control system is highly essential to deal with various thefts in your store. The entire system depends on four main factors- cash handling, physical security, staff, and of course, the products. We have multiple products to deal with loss prevention for the retail stores. Mono anti-theft system of our company is one of the significant products for anti-theft. Moreover, the package involves installing an audible siren on unauthorized removal of any product. Several supermarkets are already approving such a technology. It is authentic and easy to use. Download the respective app from Fresh Software (Anti-Theft Software) and operate the device with full clarity. In case of any doubts, you can call our customer care number.
Moreover, our executives are ready to help you in every possible way. The 24×7 customer support service will thus make sure that you stay satisfied always. Our primary focus is safeguarding your shop from all the potential frauds. However, to prevent accounting fraud, you have to install an appropriate system to catch the mismatches. It is better to launch the software to take care of most of the financial aspects.

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What Are The Advantages Of Loss Prevention System
Inventory Loss Prevention Systems
Inventory Loss Prevention Systems

Our loss prevention systems can be used for a mobile RFID inventory or a record-keeping with a help of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
The Loss prevention system as a progressive system for RFID inventory and record-keeping.
The most innovative solution in our loss prevention system is that it can be used for the future RFID inventory process. While adding optional functions and installing a software, any user can execute a fast and precise RFID inventory with the help of anti-theft system as well, or send the data into a manual mobile RFID reader at the discretion of a user.

Another device for constant watch and high security is the CCTV camera. This also acts as extraordinary evidence in the court of law. Our cameras comprise all the advanced features to capture every minor detail in the shop. Hence, no corner will be left unturned. Apart from this, the most common security measure is to keep a security guard from any third-party organization. However, in this technological era, a robot can also fulfill its purpose in a much better way indeed. So, connect with us today for an appropriate solution to prevent the probable losses. For perfect placement of any of the devices, you can contact us. Just one agreement, and we will take care of the best treatments. However, the contract is renewable after every one year. Our experts will come for a periodic check to ensure the proper functioning of the device. A mirror can also be a great support in the prevention of physical thefts.

Knock Down The Best Details About Loss Prevention

The cash section is definitely the most important and crucial segment in the whole shop. Please go for a secured POS terminal to ensure complete protection in this section. Furthermore, you should also impose certain restrictions on making phone calls. A cash register should be there, and you must opt for a period audit for higher security. Wondering how to deal with the product fraud? All your employees should have adequate product training as well as LP training.
Moreover, there must be a proper hiring process to recruit only reliable employees, especially for the showroom or the warehouse. There must also be a well-maintained stock register in the warehouse. This will record every addition, transfer, and disposal to and from the existing stock. Therefore, you must do a background check and ensure no criminal records before recruiting any personnel. The most essential tools to prevent loss of products may include the following options. Signage: It is currently a great measure to get rid of the shoplifters. In a lot of places, people put big placards with “Beware of Thefts” written. Several recent surveys say that they are highly effective and reduced theft cases to a great extent.

Return Policy: There should be a strong return policy to stop fraudulent returns. Please ensure that every receipt contains this policy in bold to make the purchaser aware of the same. Loss Prevention System: One of the biggest ways to prevent fraud is electronic article surveillance or EAS. It will alert you in case any person tries to run away with a tagged product. Apart from this, you must have a proper design of the shop to keep the products. So, start adopting any of the methods for a secured business in the long-run.

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