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Automated Uniform Storage

Automatic Uniform Conveyor System is a system for automated uniform storage of search and delivery of uniforms, workwear and other clothes. Our storage systems for uniforms and other clothes have an automatic system for searching and issuing workwear, uniforms and other clothes. Clothing is stored on automatic clothing conveyors. Now we have the most advanced solution during the pandemic and against the spread of other viruses - face recognition. The uniform is issued to a specific employee by the person’s recognized face and identified with his uniform kit. We also offer uniform identification by RFID tags, cards, bracelets and the like!

Аutomated uniform systems for the issuance of uniforms, clothes and other things. Face recognition technology and RFID technology are used.

The uniform smart storage system allows to retrieve garments and other items quickly. The user leans a RFID card or a wristband on a reader and gets his uniform set. With a help of software and technologies, the user’s gear is sorted automatically and placed into a correspondent slot on a garment conveyor. It can unite several garments conveyors at a time and several automatic doors for uniform and other garments. Due to special devices in automatic doors, an access is banned to other user’s garments. All this thanks to automated conveyors uniform distribution and RFID technology. The system has a theft protection function.
Now we have implemented our newest user face recognition system. Now, the search and issuance of things is done by recognizing the user’s face.

Face Recognition Access to The Warehouse, Storehouse, Storage, Dressing Room

automatic uniform storage door
Uniform warehouse with access by face recognition or RFID tags


The system is projected basing on storage premises and considering staff quantity. The delivery set includes all needed expendable materials including:

  •  access cards, wristbands with RFID chips;
  • RFID tags washable for uniforms;
  • specific hangers;
  • uniform cases (resistant to multiple laundry, dry-cleaning);
  • automated uniform management system.
Technological drawing of the warehouse of the uniform
Technological scheme of warehouse uniforms

Uniform Systems

Get To Know About The Effectual Automated Storage System And Why It Is Important For Production Industries

Did you know that garment conveyor is an elite automated storage system, and would one say one is of the most basic thing in the production business? If not, at that point in this article is for you! We have attempted to cover the most extreme data covering how a garment conveyor with a manual access system is different from a garment conveyor with RFID card access. How about we get started! You might be thinking about what is garment conveyor? Right? We going to let you know! Garment conveyor is an elite automated uniform storage system, garments arranging, and dealing with a process that diminishes HR in a customer administration chain.

If you are inexperienced with the term, garment conveyors are accountable for storing and transporting huge volumes of garments. These systems are domineeringly utilized by inns, gambling clubs, emergency clinics, or retail focuses. Obviously, detainee property storage is another significant zone where conveyor systems are being used, but maybe the most “popular” mechanical field for garment conveyors is the cleaning industry. You would be flabbergasted to know that various Hollywood films and music recordings have advanced this specific marvel, and that is the reason garment conveyors are a notable mechanical development.

A Basic Guide To Garment Conveyor With Manual Access

A couple of years back, individuals have seen garment conveyor with manual access in cleaning shops. Presently with time cruising by, innovation has evolved, and in current occasions, businesses are getting obsessed with the new kind of garment conveyors with Face recognition access systems. You would be surprised to know that conveyors belts are utilized in the garments industry, but in different businesses too, including bundling, transporting, assembling, medical clinics, and then some! Continue reading to know all the more how valuable garment conveyors can really be?

Similarly, as with some other development, garment conveyors would not turn into a standard if they hadn’t offered a lot of significant focal points over the past system. Indeed! We are discussing the garment conveyor with manual access. This means garment conveyors can make your life a lot simpler, and that is the fundamental explanation behind utilizing this strategy. However, different reasons are critical also, and they incorporate efficient attributes, space enhancement, etc. Also, if you require extraordinary speed and top indent nature of administration alongside cost-effectiveness, at that point, garment conveyors with face recognition access are for your business!

Garment Conveyor With RFID Card Access – A Part Of Modern Lifestyle for uniform warehouse

The motivation behind why you should give your consideration towards the garment conveyor with RFID card access, garment conveyor with face recognition access, or the blend of both is that it improves the proficiency and general profitability of your laborers. What’s more, why say this? After all, the main goal of any business proprietor is to give wellbeing to their employees, and that is the reason garment conveyors can be of extraordinary help when you need better speed and nature of administration. You would be paralyzed to know that these systems will permit you to store high volumes of uniforms, shirts, dresses, or some other sort of clothing such that will protect the space and make the recovery of those things clear and streamlined.

There is no big surprise that a decent work process will give you a wide scope of cash sparing symptoms, and that is the reason the choice to consolidate these systems could be your most splendid business move. As we told you that garment conveyors spare space, but did we disclose to you that automated Garment Conveyors can simply oversee around 2000 garments one after another, permitting offices to keep on looking respectable without all the clutter? And with less mess, more customers are pulled in, and more cooperative energy in the working environment happens? If not, at that point, bookmark this point too!

The measure of room that Automated Uniform Conveyor Systems spare is boundless. With the way Garment Conveyors are structured, each garment is stacked pleasantly directly in front and behind the other, making it simple for the two bosses and customers and customers to move with ease and get to what they have to discover. How stunning does it sound to you? You could go for the face recognition garment conveyors systems if you are the proprietor of an event congregation, show corridor, and so on. If you incorporate automated garment conveyors into your business, at that point, chances are extremely high that you will attract more customers, you will spare more space, and your operational cost will get lower. What else do you want more as a business owner?

Investigate the upsides of garment conveyors in enterprises. As a matter of first importance – they are flexible. Indeed! You heard it right. Whether its garment conveyor with face recognition access or garment conveyor with RFID card access, it is utilized for cleaning activities since many launder shops have limited floor space. Overhead conveyors let operators utilize the space over their heads for garment storage and recovery. Also, tight corner areas and a practically vast number of arrangements help the system work in even the littlest spaces. How astonishing is that?

Automated Uniform Conveyor Systems With Face Recognition Access – The Next Generation Of Garment Conveyor Has Arrived

Simple to Install is one more benefit. Cleaners can decide to set up their own system or have the maker do it for them. Also, garment conveyors can ensure your customer’s garments. Thinking about how? Let us let you know! Encased track conveyors imply that clients don’t need to stress over interacting with overhead conveyor chains. What’s more, dust shields help to keep garments clean. Nowadays, there are numerous conveyor systems for garment dealing that have been working issue free for quite a long time. Then again, it’s also simple to refresh. The laundry business develops after some time. An overhead system like garment conveyor with face recognition access can be added to and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your business. For some other data like the expense of the garment conveyor system, hop to our site and discover more!

We might want to end this article by giving you the definitive proclamation that automated systems are the future, no uncertainty about that, and that is the reason club, lodgings, and numerous different offices are in urgent need of successful and utilitarian garments taking care of strategies. Having that at the top of the priority list, garment conveyors appear to be a perfect answer for any organization that needs to sort its clothing and uniforms such that it will protect however much space as could reasonably be expected. Notwithstanding that, garment conveyors can assist you with boosting the general speed of recovery of those things, and these systems can also raise the general efficiency of your organization. If you like reading this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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