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Mono Anti-Theft

We design and produce a theft protection system – Mono Anti-theft system with a single autonomous placing is becoming a modern, progressive antitheft system nowadays. This system is easy to install and doesn’t require any specific skills and trainings for installation. Mono anti-theft system can be installed by any technician who is able to use an electric drill.

Anti Theft System for Shops

Mini Mono Anti-Theft System
Mini Mono Anti-Theft System

Mono Anti-theft System of a small size can be installed over the exit door or a pass way of a guarded facility where thefts should be prevented. Our anti-theft system is appropriate for any companies of a retail business, warehouses, hotels, fitness clubs and other retail entities. These mini anti-theft systems will perfectly protect the tablets, devices of the electronic order menu for restaurants, cafes. Also, the system will protect against theft and unauthorized removal of laptops, computers from the offices of organizations etc.

Mono Anti-theft system for anti-theft protection. How it works?

Our mono anti-theft system works as a RFID (radio frequency) device. The antenna scans RFID tagged different goods and other tangible assets, the scanning happens when RFID tad appears in the vicinity of the antenna. Antitheft system consists of RFID (radio frequency identification) reader, antenna and an alarm. The alarm, namely a light and audible signaling (a siren), starts to function in case of an unauthorized removal of goods, assets. The siren sounds accompanied by a red light signal of a stroboflash. Mini anti-theft system has a regulated power to modify a reading distance and a regulated power of a high-intensity siren. At your own discretion the siren can be located in any place separately form the anti-theft antenna. Download the technical description of the MONO MINI Anti-theft System here. Retail price per set: $ You can see below, click on the “Price Here” button. Download technical description of recommended tags. You can see below Sensormatic Supertag Retail price (tag with a pin).

  • Tag Specifications suitable for this anti-theft system DOWNLOAD here: PDF 
  • Anti-metal Industrial Tags specification DOWNLOAD here: PDF

Download Price Powerful Anti-Theft System (45cm×45cm) below:

RFID Theft Prevention Tags for Mono Anti-Theft System

Mini mono anti-theft system advantages.

The market existing anti-theft systems, functioning as AM and RF devices have an ultimate, limited variant. They are all working without a possibility of activating any additional functions. Among the most commonly used anti-theft systems, our mono anti-theft system has a row of certain advantages:

Anti-theft system mini
Anti-theft system MONO
  • Our mono anti-theft system has a small size of antenna 25cm*25cm or 45cm*45cm (the most powerful system for high doorways and for placing the systems under suspended ceilings). Download the description of the anti-theft system here PDF
  • Mini anti-theft system can be placed out of the eyesight, for example under a stretched ceiling.
  • The antenna can scan trough any barrier.
  • It does not prevent any exit/entry processes as some of standard security gates.
  • It covers the full height of a pass way, door way or an exit door.
  • Mono antitheft system has a blocking function. When there is an attempt of an unauthorized removal of tagged inventory assets, if necessary the turnstiles, doors can be blocked additionally or other control devices can be activated. This starts functioning due to the additional relays that are include in the standard equipment.


Our mono anti-theft system can be used for a mobile RFID inventory or a record-keeping with a help of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Mono anti-theft system as a progressive system for RFID inventory and record-keeping.
The most innovative solution in our mini antitheft system is that it can be used for the future RFID inventory process. While adding optional functions and installing a software, any user can execute a fast and precise RFID inventory with the help of mini antitheft system as well, or send the data into a manual mobile RFID reader at the discretion of a user. A software is easily installed into any computer with the Windows operating system and can be integrated into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or other third-party software. Therefore, you can have not just a simple mini antitheft system but if necessary you can extend its functionality up to advanced RFID record-keeping. Also you can connect a software with several antitheft systems, located in any point of your company and have a full data base and identification of goods and assets. The software keeps a log of all events for all tagged inventory assets.

You can download a Special Offer for distributors, PDF file here.

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Placement method mono antitheft system.


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