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Software for Laundry

Laundry software is the new high level of your business. The textile rental service becomes more and more popular and profitable service in the service industry. The majority of healthcare facilities, hotels, fitness centers, spa and beauty facilities, water parks are using this service intensively together with linen management system.

RFID Laundry Software

Our Laundry Software with touch screen interface is very convenient to use.

As such the laundry owners have faced a row of problems that we have solved successfully:

  • full laundry tracking system;
  • uniting several lease takers into unified data base;
  • manage linen outside and inside the laundry;
  • anti-theft and loss protection;
  • inventory count of products life cycle;
  • statistics, reporting;
  • reducing labor expenses;

Full mobile inventory control in just a few minutes.

Our laundry software system, RFID tracking uses RFID technologies, embedded RFID tags into textile products and anti-theft protection system.

Laundry software RFID Theft Prevention
Laundry software interface
Laundry software RFID

Demo Video: Laundry Software

RFID tracking system for laundry includes:

  • Laundry software;
  • RFID hardware;
  • RFID tags.

Functions of software for rental laundry business:

Installation into operational system Windows XP/7/8/10;
Identification of RFID tags;
Automatic addition into data base;
Batch reading of large number of tags;
Integration with other software;
Connection with a mobile inventory reader;
Reporting, statistics;
Integration with «Anti-theft system», data exchange.

Optional we can design additional laundry applications. The Laundry Software interface can be the language of any country.

Also, you can find software for dry cleaning.

Return policy

Settings of RFID Factory laundry software

Modern detergents dispensers with a remote access via internet and well-organized laundry at a low cost.

Laundry production cost

Laundry production cost consists of the following expenditure items:

  1. Expenses for laundry chemicals;
  2. The cost of heating energy;
  3. The cost of water;
  4. Salary;
  5. Other expenses (logistics, management);
  6. Depreciation of equipment;
  7. Premises rent, utility charges.

In our case, we reduce the expenses for chemicals, because we believe that expenses for chemicals should be minimal with a proper construction of washing technology, aqua cleaning. We need to exclude access of unauthorized personnel to dispensers and reactor unit, a storage room for detergents. You also can not forget about water hardness, somewhere it is more rigid, somewhere it’s very soft.

Washing technology – is one of the oldest, we can say that it originated simultaneously with the first ideas of people about hygiene. However, over the past thousand years it has undergone radical changes. … But mankind always uses clothing and other textiles and stain them, hence we have an eternal need for washing.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry is developing together with the culture in our society. In the old days, dry cleaning and laundry facilities were available in all districts of the city. Then the majority of citizens could not afford high-quality detergents and domestic appliances. Now it’s not a problem, but care services for clothing and linen are still in great demand: a modern man has no time to be distracted by everyday life. The farther in, the more people will stick to the professional laundry and dry cleaning services as they view washing and ironing to be tedious and long procedures.

In modern laundries we use professional washing chemicals, which allow us not only to save labor costs, since there is no need to pack up, measure, fill in the detergent, but also to a large extent to save energy resources.
In laundry, you can use different energy sources -gas, steam, hot water, because to use only electricity is much more expensive. The most models of laundry equipment have several modifications to be applicable to any energy source. The price difference is not significant for different options, moreover this difference quickly pays for itself.

It’s quite usual in a standard laundry to have washing technology violations that come from a human factor when it refers to a manual detergent filling. In this regard there is a possibility to control the whole process by installing liquid detergent dispensers in washing machines with the settings that can be adjusted via remote access (internet, bluetooth). All parameters are easily configured using a comprehendible menu. The login password in the setup menu allows you to limit external interference. As a rule, all these problems are solved by on-site technician.

Our company provides a service in the form of field service technician along with the installation of laundry detergent dispensers. A field service technician–is a man who knows the impact of the various components of chemicals on a particular fabric with account  of the water temperature. Everyone remembers from school chemistry that different substances of Mendeleev’s periodic table react differently in different temperatures. Our technicians are people with higher chemical-engineering education and they have practical experience in soft and hard water conditions in many regions.

The field service technician does initial settings of different detergents for different types of fabrics and various types of washing. After that, he controls washing processes through remote access via the Internet. The technician adjusts settings for the goals and objectives of a particular client. Hence the obvious benefit for the owner of a laundry is saving on labor force and costs of washing chemicals. Since washing chemicals and detergent dispensers are usually stored in a separate room of the reactor, the front-line employees have no access to this room.

You need only once a year to configure and calibrate the system. Having established a separate unit, you can get an easy access via the Internet in real time to the information about all the main parameters (a number of washing machine cycles, washing chemicals consumption for each of the components, naming of washings by products groups, such as wool, cotton, etc. ) and even to monitor process dynamics, statistics.
The laundry technology is a properly structured process, which includes: a client and his requirements, personnel, technology (technology of washing, washing chemicals)