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Parking Systems

RFID Parking Systems are a comprehensive systems based on RFID technologies that implements a 24-hour monitoring, automated calculation of vacant slots, electronic registration of in-out processes, access control. This is the most convenient solution in a pandemic and any spread of the virus because it uses contactless use over long distances with the ability to adjust the stability range of the system. We produce only long-range contactless parking access control systems. FRESH USA barrier gate parking systems are a reliable solution for access control systems.

RFID Parking Management Systems

It does not require any controllers because each reader has built-in memory for an unlimited number of tags. Reader connects DIRECTLY to any devices (barrier, garage door, turnstile, gate). Price from $ 197. You can see full prices and description below.
RFID Parking System is a turnkey solution for parking lots, garages, campuses, gated communities. Automated opening of a barrier, gate.

Parking Systems Fresh USA 01
Automatic parking system. Opening barrier / boom / arm at a long distance (adjustable)
Parking Systems Fresh USA 02
Automatic parking system. Opening gates, garage doors at a long distance (adjustable)

Why RFID parking system is so good.

Hands-free & Automated RFID Parking Management System Ideal for parking lots, garages, campuses, gated communities and other vehicle control areas, this system functions by automatically opening gates and barriers exclusively for permit holders without the need for remote controls and regardless of weather conditions. RFID parking system – this permit passage without stopping by RFID tag. Parking software allows you to have detailed information about the vehicle and its owner. Parking lots, garages, campuses and gated communities looking for a turnkey solution to their parking management can now take advantage of the new parking system. The system is totally automated that opens gates and parking barriers, Without pressing any buttons or using any remote controls. Each vehicle has a tag that is applied inside the windshield or any other place (it can be a plastic card or a sticker). When a vehicle approaches a gate or parking barrier, a tag is automatically identified by a reader that opens a gate or a barrier.


Special offer for distributors, PDF file can be downloaded here.

gate parking systems RFID UHF
Garage door opener outside, Parking systems
gate parking systems automation RFID UHF
Garage door inside opener, Parking systems

An identification distance varies from 0 ft / m up to 39 ft / 15 m

  • Hands free
  • Water resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • A tag is not needed for charging
  • A RFID card, tag, sticker is attached at any visible or invisible place inside a vehicle
  • Low price of a card (tags)

RFID Parking Tags, Watch VIDEO HERE

barrier parking systems RFID
Barrier, arm, boom, openers for Parking Systems
barrier parking RFID UHF systems
Easy to Install the barrier, arm, boom openers for Parking Systems

Invisible installation is possible

1st set. Simple Control RFID Parking System includes the following:

A RFID Reader with built-in memory with the ability to assign an unlimited number of tags or RFID UHF cards and built-in relay.

RFID reader for parking systems
Parking Reader, Long Range Distance
Tag RFID UHF parking systems
Parking RFID Tags
Controller for parking systems rfid
Parking Controller

A quantity of cards is defined by a customer. A card can have a logo or any other information upon customer’s requests.


2nd set. RFID parking management system software included.

Software is available for Windows OS, for spacious parking lots. Car parking software free!

Parking Software RFID
parking tag RFID
Reader for Parking Management Software

You can download demo RFID Parking software available in English, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French.


The main function Parking Management Software:

  • vehicle information
  • a license owner information
  • presence / absence at a parking lot
  • check in / check out
  • entry / exit ban
  • records of vehicles
  • software interface can be implemented in several languages. English, Spanish, French, Russian, ect.
  • Integration with other software is possible.


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Significant And Fair Reason Why Parking Management And Systems Works Best These Days.

Nowadays, an ever-increasing number of individuals who have vehicles like cars and motorbikes course starting with one spot then onto the next and keeping in mind that their vehicle is with them. Clearly, vehicle proprietors, in the long run, end their movement in a parking lot in someplace. More and more space for parking is used nowadays, which brings about extreme mayhem of parking the vehicle. Parking the vehicle is something that requires advanced technology help. That is the reason, as of late, RFID parking system technology has gotten the best financially savvy and attempted and tried techniques in an assortment of enterprises too, particularly parking lots. Nowadays, if you ask any individual what’s the most significant part of business, the individuals would state that it’s the parking lot.

Outstanding Features Of The Parking System.

No ifs, ands or buts, parking lots are presently becoming the most important part of a large portion of the business, so its significance for the individuals to all around oversee alongside being efficient for the administrators while being completely available and advantageous to their clients. Numerous individuals don’t have the foggiest idea, but after the implementation of RFID Parking System Technology in many parking offices, it is specific and clear that a parking lot furnished with RFID Parking management technology has the lower operating expense. Not just insignificant operating expense, it additionally gloats the limited possibility for humans to make a mistake, since its the attempted and tried parking management technology which is attempted and tried over the planet by the individuals. Also, RFID Parking management and systems upgrade wellbeing, security, and incomprehensibly improved client experience. Right now, we will examine each angle, advantages of applying RFID Parking systems.

Parking System - Modern, Competent And Innovative Identification Solutions.

With the different names like parking management systems, parking lot gate systems, numerous interchangeable names are given to Reduced Operating Expense Parking lot RFID solutions. Due to the circulation of vehicles starting with one spot then onto the next, parking has become a significant issue for the city organizers. But with Parking System solutions, city organizers are advancing out to keep occupants cheerful and guests feeling invited with the best RFID Parking management and systems. It has likewise become a standout amongst another key viewpoint in our urban culture where high vehicle thickness and parking space deficiencies require effective management with Smart Cities sending cell phone applications to direct you to open space.

Key Benefits Of RFID Parking System.

All of you would relate that parking in specific locations has become a bleeding edge in protecting a controlled edge with a fence and boundary. The quality of a physical boundary to keep unapproved vehicles from entering a territory is generally its most fragile point, the strategy used to identify, validate, and approve section. It’s a basic bit of an association’s security technique. Different advances can be applied to identifying vehicles for parking management. RFID additionally represents Radio Frequency Identification alludes to a technology whereby computerized data is encoded in RFID tag and are caught by RFID readers.

What Is RFID Parking System And How Will It Help.

Presently a considerable lot of you know about it that this technology is very like barcoding. Truly! It’s valid!! We can observe new headways in the innovative world each and every day. Increasingly newer, just as imaginative creations continue hitting the market. Indeed, even the ones that individuals thought were difficult to make. The RFID technology is one such a momentous creation that changed the pace of numerous ventures, including the parking business. How astonishing is it? It’s astounding that the RFID Parking System technology has completely altered the parking business. Right now, vehicle parking management fundamentally comprises various undertakings from giving tokens, taking note of down section/leave time, gathering the reasonable, and so forth. As the quantity of vehicles is expanding each and every day, manual parking systems are ending up being very ineffectual and risky. The amount you are relating to this? The RFID technology has effectively made a totally programmed parking system that requires extremely low labor for the activity. Also, we can’t try to avoid panicking! Every one of these advantages will bring down the repetitive upkeep and record-keeping expenses and reduce the quantity of hours representatives need to work, which is a definitive advancement. Presently a significant number of you are dashing musings in your head that shouldn’t something be said about the laborers strengthening? Where they will go if their pay is being diverted by the RFIP Parking System technology. Isn’t it valid? Let us know! Via computerizing the activities of the parking office, work can be centered around progressively significant assignments or can be disposed of by and large. Also, An RFID parking management system will diminish the requirement for parking office representatives and chiefs to genuinely inspect the parking lot because of the capacity to get moment inhabitants data, for example, what number of vehicles are in the lot continuously. Presently how about we talk about how RFID Parking System technology functions in the parking business!

As you probably are aware, the RFID is the remote exchange of data by utilizing radio frequency waves. Labeling anything with the RFID label causes the clients to identify them remarkably, naturally, and rapidly. At a basic level, the RFID system in the parking industry comprises 4 parts, and they resemble RFID readers, RFID tag, Control Panel, Boom Barrier. The RFID readers produces some radio frequency waves which are recognized by the RFID tag, and consequently, it transmits a few data to the peruser. Readers than moves the said data to the control board, and the data is examined by it.

If the data is precise, the control board imparts signs to the blast boundary to open. RFID labels comprise of the coordinated circuit and receiving wire, which transmits the data to the RFID Reader. The reader then uses this data and changes over it into a usable structure. All in all, such straightforward technology has changed the face of the parking industry totally and has made life a lot less difficult. This technology stores data of all vehicles in the database, and the individual labels and their label IDs are given to the clients, so all the data can be gotten to by the parking system. At the point when the vehicle checks in, the reader peruses the data of the tag. If there is no tag on the vehicle, then the obstruction will stay close. Presently the RFID reader will peruse all the data of the tag and move that data to the product. Since programming contrasts the data of tag and database and if the id of label matches, then the obstruction gate will open, and if the id doesn’t match, then hindrance won’t open, or it will trigger a caution. At the point when the vehicle goes out (Check out) from the parking lot, the identification data of the vehicle is looked into in the database. If it is an approved vehicle and doesn’t have unapproved access than the just a vehicle will be considered a checkout in any case the gate won’t open.


Parking RFID ready-made solution

Parking software