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Ready to go Laundry business

Design of laundries and dry-cleaners of any complexity:
from the mini size to the size of factories.


  • technology;
  • water-supply, sewage facilities;
  • electric power supply, electric lighting;
  • low current systems  (fire system, security system, internet,  telephony, notification system, video surveillance);
  • heating system, ventilation system;
  • building;
  • metal and concrete –steel constructions;
  • technical estimations, inspections;

The main direction of our activities is to create turn-key business projects.

TURN-KEY BUSINESS – when you do not need to do extra work, just to start operating the ready-to-go business in two months after our mutual cooperation and then to manage it independently or to engage a hired manager in the managing process.

Many companies that sell equipment think wrong that their services relate to “turn-key business”. They just offer the clients only a range of equipment. After that the client is facing a whole set of problems starting from the technical requirements to the building and ending with hiring and training the personnel. All these problems are solved personally by us for our dear clients. The client sees the fixed amount that is a cost of the business and receives the final result, in this regard he doesn’t bear any risk at all. E.g: there is no risk that something is not included in the estimated cost.  We have calculated and checked everything during our long-term experience and management of our own enterprises. Our current enterprises are always open for the potential clients, as they can see everything with their own eyes, get more details and get training if needed.

Some options and prices for the works, services, projects you can find in the section ready-to-go business.

Now we may offer you to build the following business: a dry-cleaner or laundry which are operating at once in three formats.

  1. Self-service laundry.
  2. Laundry for finish operation of private customers’ clothing.
  3. Laundry for servicing corporate clients.

We can equip your project with the additional options such as a coffee shop, doughnut and pancake shops.

We guarantee you the deadline of two months and also the follow-up of your business if you prefer.

We provide the following services:

  • selection of premises for laundry
  • selection and purchase of laundry equipment
  • holding of repair & construction works
  • organizing commissioning
  • special formula of a chemical composition for clothing washing
  • balancing of a technology process
  • recruiting and training of a personnel
  • launch of a commercial activity of an enterprise
  • process of agreement with the necessary services
  • delivery of all necessary documents

List of woks, services:

  • The scheme of a technological arrangement, setting of a technical task
  • The designed project
  • Author’s supervision
  • Information products, stickers, plates
  • Transportation (delivery)
  • Lifting tackle, load handling
  • Construction-related works (building preparation, personal design, redecoration) including the costs of the materials*
  • Plumbing works, including the costs of materials
  • Filtering system, assembling
  • Electric installation work including the costs of materials
  • Assembling of a vent system
  • Installation of CCTV system including the costs of materials (dashboard camera, 4 video cameras b/w)
  • Installation of fire alarm system (documents execution for employees, fire extinguisher) including the costs of materials, equipment
  • Commissioning works
  • Advertising light box (production and installation)
  • Conclusion of necessary contracts (for confirmation)
  • Confirmation of Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being and Fire Safety Inspection Service
  • Recruiting and training of personnel
  • Document flow, registration (books, journal-books, forms)
  • Chemical composition for washing (training)
  • Training of a manager (contracts lay out, marketing, registration, reporting)
  • Consulting service

* Based on supplementary budget estimates.

The payment for a group of activities is executed in instalments.

We cooperate with regions!

Set “Fresh”

laundromat mini kit

10600 USD

Set “Landromat-1”

Laundromat automated

19164 USD

Set “Landromat-2”

Large automated londromat

37652 USD

Aqua-cleaning, cleaners point

Small Dry Cleaning Laundry

90000 USD

Medical laundry 1300kg per shift

Medical laundry

205000 USD

Dry “Aqua” cleaning.
Performance: 800-1200 things (760 kg) per shift.

Dry Cleaning laundry

269000 USD

The industrial tunnel laundry.
Capacity: 7500 kg per shift.

Industrial laundry services for large washing volumes

1700000 USD