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Theft Prevention

If you have problems with the loss of towels, bathrobes, uniforms, linen or other assets, we will protect it once and for all. The systems we have developed will prevent theft and help you to have an always quick inventory of your things. The Theft Prevention System from Fresh USA is a reliable solution to the problem of thefts.

How the Theft Prevention System works for fitness clubs, hotels, swimming pools, gyms, hospitals and other businesses.

Dual Theft Prevention System
Mono Theft Prevention System
theft prevention towel
Warning system of theft prevention
theft prevention towel system
Small Dual Theft Prevention System

We have two types of systems, an autonomous / standalone Mono Theft Prevention system and a system with software. Our ready–to-go solution Theft Prevention RFID includes two main functions of anti theft software (sound and light alarm) and accounting of all your stock-list input in the database. You can control all the ins and outs of your business. You will have an effective solution if you have a problem of the towels, bathrobes, linen, uniform and other assets theft. Delivery of garments to a dry-cleaner’s laundry, automatic scanning and invoice printing, as well as the acceptance of garments from dry-cleaner’s laundry, then automatic scanning and invoice printing. Data can be uploaded to a mobile hand-held scanner (data collection terminal), it’s possible to conduct a complete inventory of all areas of storage, in the temporary location of towels and other textile products. Then the information can be uploaded to Trade Management. Also, this software is widely used in inventory control. The delivery of goods to warehouse, expenses, inventory, function Anti-Theft! This solution is used in conjunction with RFID tags for textile re-use in the laundry and dry cleaning.

The Theft Prevention System is easy to install and doesn’t require any specific skills and trainings for installation.

Our Theft Prevention System can be installed by any technician who is able to use an electric drill.

Hotel textile theft prevention
Fitting EXAMPLE protection from thefts
RFID Laundry Tags
Tags / labels for towels, bathrobes, uniforms, linen
Theft Prevention System Kit

The basic set of Theft Prevention system for towels, bathrobes, uniforms, linen or other assets includes radio frequency high-performance reader and LED alarm. It is intended for one entrance – exit. Our towel theft prevention system can be supplemented with software that allows you to receive a message about trying to steal on any computer running Windows OS. Download a description of an Mono Theft Prevention System here PDF. The starter kit includes 1 theft prevention system kit and 500 towel tags.
1pc. Regular Theft Prevention System for Towels, Set – $ 440  +  $ 275 (500 textile tags), Total: $ 715
Special offer theft prevention system for  fitness clubs, gyms, hotels and other enterprises.


About washable laundry tags / detailed information PDF file download here:
Specification of Washable Laundry Tags

Video how to integrate textile RFID tags


The options and price are available below on request by email: 1) Small theft prevention system «Entrance 2m / 6,5ft» A simple standalone solution without a computer – $ Request a price 2) Small theft prevention system «Entrance 1,2m / 4ft» A simple standalone solution without a computer – $ Request a price 3) Small theft prevention system «Entrance 2m / 6,5ft +Software» Solution with software  – $ Request a price 4) Small size system «Entrance 1,2m / 4ft + Software» Solution with software – Request a price for theft prevention system 5) Small size system «Entrance 4m / 13ft» A Simple standalone solution without a computer – $ Request a price for theft prevention system  6) Small size system “Entrance 4m / 13ft + Software” Solution with software – $ Request a price for theft prevention system  Automated control system /
Cabinet for storing and dispensing for towels, bathrobes, linen, uniform and other assets  Locker for towels – $ Request a price

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Distinctive features of theft prevention systems. Standalone system and software system.

Anti-Theft System Theft Prevention Difference
Standalone Theft Prevention System and Software Theft Prevention System, Features.

Installation of anti-theft RFID antennas at exits, chipping towels:

Prevention of unauthorized towels, bathrobes, uniforms, linen or other assets take-away at all entrances / exits. Issuing a laundry invoice in a couple of seconds Automatic invoice printing.

It’s performed with the help of immediate reading of RFID chips embedded into each item, garment.

Delivery, turnkey installation )

Anti theft towel system / stealing towel

RFID Textile Tags Anti Theft

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