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RFID solutions


Unified RFID inventory system and tracking.Handheld Inventory RFID UHF Below, we present the RFID inventory system developed by us, the composition and cost.One of...

Mono Anti-Theft

We design and produce a theft protection system – Mono Anti-theft system with a single autonomous placing is becoming a modern, progressive antitheft system...

Theft Prevention

We have two types of systems, an autonomous / standalone Mono Theft Prevention system and a system with software. Our ready–to-go solution Theft Prevention...

Locker for Towels

Protection against property stealing (anti-theft) at several hotel’s entrances or exits. Event logging. Data base maintenance for different classification data and designations. Audiovisual...

Parking Systems

It does not require any controllers because each reader has built-in memory for an unlimited number of tags. Reader connects DIRECTLY to any devices...