The sphere of fitness club is beauty, health, sports in line with high-quality consumer services. Customers acquisition process encourages to launch new clients programs and service. But many owners forget about losses and do not even calculate them, but the more clients you have, the more losses you take. For you the latest anti-theft towel system.

Where do fitness clubs lose their cash?

As an example, the clubs owners constantly buy towels but towels always disappear without leaving a trace. And each month such a loss is converted into a reasonable amount of money that can be compared to sales of several dozens of membership cards.

Where do they disappear? The most frequent reason is when a club member accidently puts a towel in a gym bag along with his belongings simply without noticing it or just in a hurry. And the towel is being carried out of a club by a customer and scarcely ever it’s been returned to a club facility again.


And a significant amount of club visitors and therefore a constant need of towels do not allow club employees to implement a thorough control and Anti-theft towels. How can this problem be solved?

A system to prevent the theft of towels, bathrobes and other textiles.

It turns out that the solution is easy and simple, and what is more it’s not expensive at all. Recently anti-theft towel system has become more popular. This system is represented by antennas –readers that can be installed into walls or ceiling hidden from the sight, and by software and RFID tags embedded into towels. The trick is that RFID tags are invisible and practically not sensible, they are washable and they can resist high temperature and dry-cleaning and do not transform. All these qualities allow tags to stay unnoticeable for club members. 

Therefore, if a club member on purpose or accidently will try to carry a towel out of a club, an alert signal will be activated even if a customer has just approached a club entrance, and an administrator will see a message on his computer screen that informs about a linen type, its unique ID number (e.g. a big white towel).


And it’s only one of the advantages that anti-theft towel system has.

Another one is that by using the same RFID tags, it’s possible to have a quick distant inventory, having in hand a portable RFID reader. The volume of textile products that are used in fitness clubs is significant and they can be located in different premises of a club facility. But a RFID reader scans up to 400 units per one second.

One more noteworthy advantage is that anti-theft towel system can be completed with a computerized towel locker. This locker automatically provides with a clean towel and has a compartment for used towels, important to notice- without engaging a housekeeping employee. RFID technologies always save your money.

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