Jewelry Store Theft Prevention


Although you cannot eliminate burglary, robbery, and theft from any jewelry store, many can be avoided or decrease their numbers by implementing the following Jewelry Store Theft Prevention strategies. First of all, let’s get our terms. A burglary occurs when the robbers break into your closed store to steal your items. Robbery is the illegal use of your merchandise, through force or intimidation. Crimes of robbery occur while the store is open or closed for business without intimidation or terror.

Jewelry Store Theft Prevention Tips To Prevent Your Store

Masked burglar
Masked burglar

Grab-and-run theft in jewelry is all too common. Thieves rely on speed, poor layout, and safety procedures to increase their chances of success. Collect all the items you need before displaying the jewelry: display pad, scale, calculator, pen, and paper. Bring the jewelry back in the showcase that is locked or take it along with you. To grab the jewelry and run the door, a robber needs only a few seconds, so don’t turn away from the customer. Customers may want to compare two or more items when shopping. When that is the case, wear one or two items yourself next to another object owned or worn by your client. If the robbers can get their hands on a few high-priced goods, they can quickly catch and run out of the shop. If possible, inform your clients that your insurance policy requires you to view only one item. Theft prevention systems developed by Fresh USA are the best way to protect against losses.


Store Robbery 2020-08-03
Jewelry Store Robbery 2020-08-03

Serve one client at a time. Give every customer full treatment. You provide great customer service when you can focus on one customer and deter criminals from targeting your store. Thieves will confuse you by using claims or other commotion to get them going. Show high-value products at last. Large-carat jewelry, Luxury watches, and other high-value items should be stored in for display at last. As an extra precaution, arrange barriers between your high-value goods and exits, such as other showcases or furniture. Consider a secluded area where you and the customer can use high-value products. It gives a special touch to the consumer and increases the protection of your shop.

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Make it a habit to lock up a showcase after removing or returning items, even if you’re a short walk away. Replace the item when handling items and lock the showcase before moving to the second item showcase. Hold every slot in the product or the show trays, so you know if something is missing. When a new client asks you to see high-value products, clarify that your Jewelry Store Theft Prevention team instructs you to request identification as a security measure. Keep the driver’s license or other customer identification on the counter next to you while showing them. A legitimate customer will not mind, but a thief will become very uneasy.


Theft Prevention Systems, Anti-theft_jewelry_System_RFID Jewelry Software RFID
Theft Prevention, Anti-theft_jewelry_System_RFID Jewelry Software RFID
RFID Beam Field Theft Prevention Systems
RFID Beam Field Theft Prevention Systems

Jeweler’s expert suggests that store owners consider having shop so layout so customers have to walk around the displays to enter the door instead of going straight to the exit. Protecting a jewelry store from robbery during the day with current workers is a crime prevention challenge, but how can you ensure that your jewelry store is safe when it’s closed for business? Using these methods to avoid the break-up and capture of burglaries.

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Place items in a safe or a vault when closed to customers. Suppose you don’t have room for everything in your safe or vault, place low-value items out of reach of the offender in a locked cabinet or drawer. Make sure to follow the terms of the insurance policy during business hours to buy goods. Remove all night jewelry from the window display. Don’t cover the series; this gives impressions to criminals that it is worth stealing. Use UL-listed burglar-resistant material on windows, doors, and display cabinets. This stuff slows down the criminals.


Watch Theft Prevention systems
Watch Theft Prevention systems

Verify that your burglar alarm is working properly. At least annually, you should have your alarm system checked and tested properly. Also, test your alarm system regularly and go and test any motion detectors. More experienced burglars are trying to bypass alarm systems and break into vaults or jewelry safes. Burglars may try to cut a roof hole, a common wall shared with an adjacent business, or an exterior wall to access a jewelry store. Guards or police officers do not see any signs of forced entry due to the burglar alarm signal and may leave without further investigation.

Sometimes, the breakers will signal a warning and wait to see who reacts and how long it takes. The response may be delayed after one or more “false alarms,” giving burglars time to break into and keep your jewelry store safe. Never let warning signals, phones, or other noises go unnoticed. Confirm that your security system is capable of detecting unauthorized entry through the roof, rear exit, bathroom window, skylight, duct or wall heating/air conditioning. If you are unsure of your level of security, please contact your alarm service provider.

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Rely only on the UL-certified Jewelry Store Theft Prevention burglar alarm system. The certificate serves as proof that a burglar alarm system complying with UL installation, operation, and maintenance requirements protects premises, safes, and/or vaults. Check that your security warning device is on the line. Every traditional burglar alarm system is vulnerable to defeat or misuse without activating an alarm signal by simply severing the contact paths between the store and the central alarm station. A compromise attempts reduces line coverage. You don’t have the proper security of the burglar alarm system if you don’t have a secure line.

Check your alarm system occasionally and check with your alarm provider that your device is maintained properly at least once in a year. Respond to all alerts. Don’t take the trouble signal alarm system for granted if it is a false alarm. Burglars might be able to test your line or interfere. Provide the alarm service provider with the keys to the premises, if they offer security response services, so that they can perform a comprehensive inspection of the interior premises, in addition to the exterior premises, when responding to the alarm.

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